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“A drain on our resources”: Police condemn mob mentality of Rye schoolies

Police say the unpredictable nature of schoolies in Rye have led officers to being “caught unaware” with teens ending up gathering in large numbers in public places.

Southern Metro Region Acting Superintendent Mark Langhorn told Neil Mitchell things were quiet on the Rye foreshore on Friday night until about 11pm, then suddenly large groups appeared.

“I think we were caught unaware a bit,” Acting Superintendent Langhorn said.

“It’s unpredictable, the schoolies are at AirBnbs and other hotels, they’re having parties, and are drunk, then a message goes around and they end up on the foreshore in the middle of the night.”

“We really increased our presence down there on Saturday night, with the mounted branch, canine and our Public Order Response team.

“We have to be flexible.

“It is a worry, it’s a drain on our resources.”

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When asked why violence seems to have increased, Acting Superintendent Langhorn said, “it’s difficult to know why, really, it’s that mob mentality.”

Nine people were arrested for riotous behaviour, drug and liquor possession and being drunk in a public place.

Neil also questioned why violence has increased in St Kilda, with the third similar incident in a month over the weekend.

“They’ve gone from being noisy, drunken hoons to violent, noisy drunken hoons,” Neil said.

“As soon as the temperature hits 30 we’ve got problems.

“There’s been drinking on this beach for 50 years, what’s going on? Why the change?

“What has happened, to any degree of restraint and respect?”

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Photo: Police in Rye last Saturday night (9 News)