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A furious Tom Elliott rips into controversial university lecturers for ‘slagging off’ Australia

Tom Elliott has ripped into a couple of controversial university lecturers in Western Australia.

A lecturer in Australian history­ at Murdoch, Dean Aszkie­lowicz, reportedly told students the Anzacs who fought at Gallipoli were “killers” and described Anzac Day as a “cliche” that would diminish in popularity.

“It was a question of national survival,” a furious Tom Elliott said.

The 3AW Drive host didn’t stop there, taking aim at another Murdoch University lecturer.

Anne Surma blamed the government, right-wing media and “shock jocks” for peddling misinformation about refugees and asylum-seekers.

She has  called for Australia to end offshore processing, boat turn-backs and mandatory detention.

“It’s hypocritical, it’s ridiculous and it’s just stupid,” Tom Elliott said.

“That is what is being taught in our universities.

“These people profit from Australia being a decent, kind, wealthy country but at the same time sit there slagging it off.

“Then they have the temerity to slag off brave soldiers who in two World Wars volunteered to fight for our nation, give up their lives and health in many cases and then call them nothing but killers.

“It makes me angry.

“If you’re considering going to university, do not go and do an Arts degree at Murdoch University at Western Australia.

“That’s the best bit of advice I can give you.”

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