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‘A nation of children’: Tom Elliott slams culture of bans and taxes

Tom Elliott has taken aim at our culture of banning and taxing.

Melbourne City Council is considering a ban on smoking on several major streets, including Swanston, Victoria, and Lygon streets.

But Tom thinks government should stop treating us like children.

He said calls for bans on smoking are similar to calls for higher taxes on junk food.

‘Everybody knows that smoking is bad for you. We have the knowledge. As adults, we can make up our own minds,’ Tom said on Tuesday.

‘It seems to be we’re becoming a nation of children. How about just letting people be adults?’

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Cr Richard Foster is one of the councillors considering the ban, and he told Tom it’s still in the consultation stage.

‘We’re talking to local businesses and people who frequent those areas to see what they think about it,’ Cr Foster said.

‘In the past, we’ve have upwards of 85% of people that are in these areas telling us they want it to be smoke-free.’

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