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Advice from across the pond: How New Zealand survived Stage 4 restrictions

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As Melbourne goes into Stage 4 lockdown, 3AW’s Ross and Russel sought some advice from across the pond.

In March, when coronavirus hit New Zealand, the country introduced Stage 4 restrictions and successfully quelled the virus.

Under the tough restrictions, almost all retailers were forced to close.

Only supermarkets, corner stores and pharmacies were permitted to stay open.

Host of The Project NZ and Radio NZ Afternoons, Jesse Mulligan, said he thinks there was one thing that ensured the success of the harsh lockdown.

“It was pretty black and white what was open and what wasn’t, what you were allowed to do and what you weren’t,” he told Ross and Russel.

“I think that was probably the key to success for New Zealand. There were no real grey areas.”

But Mr Mulligan expects Melbourne will have a tougher time with the restrictions than New Zealand did.

“The challenge for Melbourne will be whether people are already frustrated with the partial measures that have taken place, and whether they have that enthusiasm and that communal spirit to get together and make it work,” he said.

He urged Melburnians to enjoy the slower pace and follow the rules.

“New Zealanders were walking around in residential streets that didn’t have any cars on them, families were out saying hello to each other and connecting with neighbours, everyone started a WhatsApp group, there were unexpected benefits from what was undeniably a tough time.”

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