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AFL and Toyota sign monster sponsorship deal

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The AFL and Toyota have signed a sponsorship deal worth almost $100 million over the next five years.

But what exactly do both get out of it?

Neil Mitchell spoke with Colin McLeod, a former head of marketing at the AFL.

He’s now a professor at Melbourne University.

Mr McLeod said it wasn’t as simple as Toyota hoping to “sell a few cars” as a result of the sponsorship.

“You would like to sell some cars, but you also want to find ways to engage your dealer network,” he explained.

“Having spoken over the years to many, many Toyota dealers, they were really proud of the fact they were supporting the AFL.”

As for the AFL, Mr McLeod expected a big investment in women’s football.

“I’m not sure whether that’s where the bulk of the money will go, but it’s certainly where some of the money has to go,” he said.

“Women is where the major growth is taking part and I just couldn’t see it being overlooked.”

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