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AFL boss Gillon McLachlan says there’s only ‘one reason’ why the grand final would be moved

AFL boss Gillon McLachlan says the grand final will only be moved if it makes the spectacle better for those there.

He told Neil Mitchell it was a ’50/50′ chance of happening this season.

It’s understood the league is all but certain to move the biggest match of the year to a twilight timeslot.

While he admitted there was an ‘inevitability’ about a time change, McLachlan said there was only one reason that would happen.

‘It would be if you could make this sporting event better for the 100,000 people there,’ the AFL chief explained.

‘It’s not for television dollars or anything else.

‘If it is was about money and television, we would have sold it (a night grand final) as part of the last broadcast deal – we resisted that.

‘We wouldn’t do it, on what is a sacred day for AFL people, for money.

‘I think the fact we didn’t put it in the deal shows that.’


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