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Alleged rape victim pleads with the Premier to protect minors in court


A girl, allegedly raped in a Geelong park as a 14-year-old, has spoken about why she decided not to take the stand even if that meant the case against her alleged attackers would fall apart. 

The case in St Albans Park in November 2015 sent shockwaves across the state. 

So too the announcement last month that the trial of the two brothers and cousin charged of the alleged rape of the 14-year-old would be discontinued.

The alleged victim has spoken to The Age saying she didn’t want to relive the trauma by having to face cross examination on the witness stand.

Now 16-years-old, she and her family are seeking changes to the law, which would grant protections to child victims, allowing them to give evidence in a less hostile environment.

Neil Mitchell will speak with her mother shortly on 3AW Mornings.