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What we’ve learnt from the inquiry into the hotel quarantine debacle so far

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Almost 100 per cent of COVID-19 cases genetically tested in Victoria can be linked back to the bungled hotel quarantine system.

Genomic testing by the Doherty Institute found more than 99 per cent of second wave coronavirus cases stem from two Melbourne hotels.

Doherty Institute Director, Professor Ben Howden, on Monday told the Quarantine Hotel Inquiry the three main transmission sources for the current outbreak started in late May or early June.

“Essentially all current cases, bar a few, are from those transmission networks and that cluster,” Professor Howden said.

The inquiry also heard there were serious deficiencies in the infection control training given to private security guards.

They were reportedly told they didn’t need to wear personal protective equipment and masks weren’t very effective.

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Today, Dr Charles Alpren from the Department of Health and Human Services said 90 per cent of current cases can be traced back to Rydges on Swanston, while the other 10 per cent are linked to the Stamford Plaza Hotel.

Dr Alpren said he could not identify which specific incidents led to the spread of the virus from returned travellers to hotel workers.

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