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Andrews emerges narrow winner in fiery TV debate


Daniel Andrews has won a fiery people’s forum in Frankston overnight.

One hundred undecided voters posed a wide array of hot topics, with bail laws, Safe Schools and the East-West Link among the most contentious issues.

Voters were polled as they left the debate.

  • 49 were more likely to vote for Daniel Andrews
  • 33 were more likely to vote for Matthew Guy
  • 18 were still undecided

Some viewers wondered whether Neil Mitchell had sneaked into the debate with a disguise (photos below)

It was an emotional start to the people’s forum, broadcast live on Sky News, with a woman raising a question about neo-natal intensive care beds.

She asked Daniel Andrews and Matthew Guy how they’d feel if their wives had been told they had to go interstate to give birth, because there weren’t enough appropriately-equipped beds in Victoria.

Mr Andrews spoke of his government’s investment in the hospital system, while Mr Guy told the Sky News audience of his wife’s water breaking at 27 weeks while she was interstate.

Meantime, the Coalition revealed it will part fund it’s election promises by selling off Melbourne Water’s state sewage system.

The audience became particularly agitated with Mr Andrews on the issues of Safe Schools, bail laws and the $1 billion spent on not building the East-West link.

But Mr Andrews performed more strongly on issues relating to health and education.