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Andrews Government considers new site for youth jail

LATEST: The Andrews Government has agreed to relocate the proposed youth justice centre from Werribee South following intense public backlash.

The site, near Cherry Creek in Wyndham, would be home to some of the state’s worst youth offenders.

The government backed down on plans to build the juvenile facility in Werribee South following a huge dive in the polls and pressure from locals.

Local MP and Treasurer Tim Pallas told Neil Mitchell the site will be acquired from Melbourne Water and the government has listened to the concerns from the community.

Neil Mitchell: There is no doubt you were going to build it there, and now you’re not. 

Tim Pallas: Absolutely. 


Wyndham Mayor Henry Barlow says it is a ‘great result’ for the area.

But caller Michael said the new location will affect a residential housing development earmarked near the site.

‘He’s moved it 8 kilometres up the road, all he’s done is relocated the problem.’

Caller Karen said she was looking at buying in the area, but was reconsidering after learning of the relocation.

Dr Joe Garra, president of the Ratepayers of Werribee South, told 3AW Breakfast the original site was ridiculous.

‘If it’s out there (in Cocoroc) no one’s going to complain,’ he said.

‘There’s not much to complain about.’

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