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Anti-smoking campaigners launch a defence of vaping (and convince Quarters)

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Anti-smoking crusaders have launched a defence of e-cigarettes amid a boom in vaping among children.

A US study has found that twice as many high school students used electronic cigarettes this year compared with last year, in an unprecedented jump in an annual survey of teen smoking, drinking and drug use.

It has prompted questions about the long-term affects of vaping, and concerns about its growing use.

But the Australian Tobacco Harm Reduction Association is today on the front foot.

Chairman Colin Mendelsohn told 3AW Breakfast the increased vaping use has seen smoking reach record-low levels.

“Eight million people die each year from smoking in the world,” the Associate Professor said.

“We’ve had one death from vaping, and that was the explosion of a battery, so I think we need to keep the risks in perspective.

“We don’t know precisely what the long-term affects will be, but they’re much less than smoking.”

Stephen Quartermain, co-hosting with Kate Stevenson while Ross and John take a break, started the interview the as a cynic, and came out on ‘Team Vaping’.

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