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‘I’m so angry’: Jailed bus driver’s wife speaks out, confirms appeal

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A bus driver who received a five-year jail term for crashing into the Montague Street bridge is set to lodge an appeal.

Jack Aston was jailed for five years and three months after crashing a bus into the Montague Street bridge in 2016, injuring six passengers.

3AW Drive host Justin Smith said the sentencing was “one of the most appalling bits of justice” he’d seen, labeling it “bloody disgrace”.

Wendy Aston, wife of Jack, confirmed to 3AW Drive her husband would appeal the sentence and expressed her shock at the severity of the punishment.

“I’m just so angry,” she said.

“It really is wrong – people on drugs and ice are walking around but should be locked in the room Jack’s in.”

She said Mr Aston’s first concern after crashing into the bridge were for his passengers, not himself.

“We’ve all had a time in our lives where we’re not perfect,” she said.

“His biggest worry in hospital was the passengers, he wasn’t worried about himself.”

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Photo: Nine News

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