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‘Catastrophic for her leadership’: Theresa May + Brexit running out of time as deal fails again

Theresa May’s Brexit deal has been defeated, again.

This morning (Aus time) the UK Parliament voted, 242 to 391, against the British prime minister’s proposed agreement, rejecting it with less than three weeks to go before the Brexit deadline of March 29.

Channel 7’s European correspondent live at Westminster, Laurel Irving, told Ross and John Mrs May could lose the prime minister-ship over this “chaos”.

“There will be another vote this time tomorrow on whether or not they leave the EU with no deal and then another vote the day after that on whether or not Brexit is delayed,” Laurel said.

“This is catastrophic for her leadership, you have to wonder if she can possibly survive it.

“She has copped an astonishing amount of criticism, it is a mess.

“It’s absolute chaos.

“It’s hard to imagine Brexit could possibly happen, we’re down to 16 days!

“We’re in completely uncharted waters.”

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“I profoundly regret the decision the House has taken tonight.,” Mrs May said in the UK parliament.