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Centrelink stuff up sees single working mum an extra $1000 a week out of pocket

A Centrelink stuff up has seen a single working mum out of pocket almost $1000 a week, after a “glitch” in the system didn’t recognize her son’s immunisation record.

Jackie Trewhella is a nurse and mum of two boys who spend three days a week in childcare.

Jackie told Neil Mitchell both boys are up to date with their immunisations, but one of her son’s childcare rebate was cancelled in December.

“When I rang Centrelink to look at why this has happened, they said unfortunately there’s a glitch in the system and for whatever reason the immunisation registry isn’t communicating with Centrelink,” Jackie said.

“It turns out other people have come forward with the same problem.

“What they’re telling me now, is they want to wait until they get more complaints because it’s more efficient for them to deal with the issue as a group rather than a case by case basis.”

“That is straight out of Monty Python,” Neil said.

“It’s incredibly frustrating,” she said.

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Just before midday Jackie called back and said Centrelink had reached out.

Centrelink provided 3AW with a statement, apologising and stating they will back pay the amount owed as soon as possible.