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Children’s Commissioner Liana Buchanan labels Matthew Guys’ Name and Shame plan ‘risky’

Leader of the opposition Matthew Guy has come out with a new plan to ‘name and shame’ youth offenders.

Tom Elliott says – ‘I think it’s a good idea, I really do, if a kid who has committed a home invasion is living down the road from me, I want to know who he is… or she.’

Liana Buchanan, Commissioner for Children and Young People spoke with Tom, she says she can see some real risks in it.

‘When we’re looking at crime, and particularly hearing and reading stories as we have, of some serious offending, it’s really easy to get caught up in a response that might make people feel better but won’t make a difference in community safety.’

‘There’s no evidence that says this will cut reoffending, (or) it will make the community safer in anyway, in fact the opposite is true.’ ? Ms Buchanan said on 3AW Drive.

She says if you name and shame teenage offenders, it may make offending more attractive.

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