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Christchurch latest: Survivors demand answers as gun shops prepare for a rush

Macquarie National News

Survivors and families and friends of the deceased are demanding to know why police didn’t respond to the Christchurch mosque massacre sooner.

Meanwhile, a rush is expected at gun stores in New Zealand today as the government considers a major crackdown on gun laws in the wake of the Christchurch mass shooting.

120 extra police officers are being deployed in Christchurch to ensure residents returning to school and work feel safe today.

The death toll stands at 50 with another 34 people still in hospital.

Several survivors want answers about the police force’s response time.

Nasir Oeddin lost a friend in the attack, and another was shot in the leg before crawling to safety when the gunman opened fire at Al Noor mosque.

He says it took police about 20 minutes to arrive, allowing the gunman to reload at his car three times.

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Late yesterday it was a topic Det. Supt. Peter Read didn’t want to discuss.

“I don’t particularly want to get into the details of that, that’s still being looked at as part of the wider investigation,” he said.

An official response was published within hours, saying the first emergency call came in at 1:41pm, with the armed offenders squad arriving within 10 minutes.

The gunman arrested after a second massacre at the Linwood mosque 4 kilometres away, within 36 minutes.

The massacre has sparked widespread calls for New Zealand to adopt Australia’s gun laws, which were prompted by 1996 Port Arthur massacre.

NZ Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern will put proposed changes to a cabinet meeting this morning.

Gun shops in Christchurch have been busy in the wake of the attack, with a further rush expected today.

Nicole McKee from the New Zealand’s Council of Licensed Firearm said the ban on semi-automatics hasn’t prevented terror attacks from occurring in Australia.

But the survivors of the attack, as well as families and friends of the victims, want change.

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