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Claims Animals Australia paid lucrative sums for footage of live exports

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Animals activists have reportedly paid workers on live export ships to take footage of animals in poor conditions.

An investigation in today’s Daily Telegraph claims that activists representing Animals Australia sent emails to live export workers appealing for them to leak footage of cruelty on ships with promises of lucrative payments.

Western Victoria Upper House MP Andy Meddick, who represents the Animal Justice Party told Heidi Murphy  it’s nothing new to pay for footage and he does not have an issue with it.

“If they’re telling you that this stuff is going on, and there’s an opportunity to get them to get that footage, but they’re saying their life is on the line, is there any way that you can help me, well then no I don’t have a problem with that,” Mr Meddick said.

“It’s not anything new that people who have obtained undercover footage from various industries where cruelty happens will be paid some kind of payment.

“Shipworkers are often paid poorly and treated terribly.”

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Animals Australia provided 3AW with the following statement:

“The indisputable evidence of animal abuse obtained by whistle-blower, Mr Fazal Ullah, was corroborated by other workers from the Awassi Express who were similarly concerned about the suffering of animals on the vessel.

The overwhelming evidence of suffering across five voyages, confirmed in End of Voyage Vet Reports, was accepted by industry associations and Government regulators.

It should also be remembered that this exporter, Emanuel Exports, has had 37 shipments since 2005 on which over 1,000 sheep perished on each shipment.

Mr Ullah was a brave whistle-blower who came forward because of his genuine concerns about the suffering of animals in this disgraceful trade.

We understand that Mr Ullah is a key witness for the Commonwealth in a major criminal justice investigation into the Awassi Express matter.

Animals Australia has assisted this investigation and we will not be commenting further while it is underway.

However, we reserve all of our rights with respect to any allegations made, defamatory or otherwise.”

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