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‘Clean it up’: Tom Elliott says political donations by groups should be banned

Tom Elliott says donations by lobby groups and unions to Australian political parties should be banned.

It comes after news broke today that One Nation attempted to solicit up to $20 million from American gun lobby, the NRA.

Tom said political donations should be limited to individuals, since it is individuals who vote in elections.

“Whenever big companies or unions donate large sums of money to political parties they are doing it because they expect something in return,” he said.

“It is peddling influence.

“I think it’s a cancer on politics.

“The solution to all this is quite simple.

“I would say this, limit political donations to individuals.

“Individuals vote in our elections, companies do not, unions do not, charities do not, lobby groups like the NRA do not.

“Clean up Australian politics.”

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Tom Elliott spoke with Greens Senator Larissa Waters about the issue.

“I couldn’t agree more,” she said.