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Coles and Aldi raise their milk price in support of dairy farmers

Supermarkets Coles and Aldi have announced they will follow rival Woolworths and stop selling $1 milk after increasing pressure from politicians and the dairy industry.

Last month Woolworths raised the price of its own brand to help dairy farmers.

Now, Coles will increase their 2 and 3-litre Coles brand milk prices by 10 cents per litre from Wednesday morning.

Aldi will increase the price of their 2 and 3-litre cartons by 20 cents and 30 cents, passing on proceeds in full to dairy farmers.

Queensland Dairyfarmers Organisation President Brian Tessmann tells Ross Greenwood the increase is beneficial to dairy farmers.

“What the farmers want to see is that all of these 10 cents do bypass the processors, as has been done with Woolworths… all goes back to the dairy farmers.

“10 cents is such a small amount to the consumer… but it makes such a big difference to dairy farmers.”

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