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Collingwood squatters could face criminal charges


Squatters refusing to leave Collingwood homes bought by the government for the dumped East West Link could face criminal charges.

About 40 people are believed to be living in the houses, acquired by the former state government to make way for the East West Link.

Spike is occupying one of the homes, he spoke with Neil Mitchell.

NEIL: ‘How long have you been Squatting?’

SPIKE: ‘Squatting? I call it ‘political occupation’, Neil.’

Spike says he’s been living in the home for around four months.

Neil asked him if what he is doing is legal.

‘I don’t think it’s illegal, all of these people are homeless or have been homeless.’

‘There are people suffering, we can’t just sit on our hands.’ ? Spike told 3AW Mornings.

Many of the squatters have received eviction notices and will be forced to leave. 

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