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COVID-19 latest: Premier’s warning as Victoria records worst day yet

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Premier Daniel Andrews has warned the six-week lockdown of Melbourne and Mitchell Shire will be “much, much longer” if sick Victorians keep refusing to self-isolate.

Victoria has recorded 484 fresh coronavirus cases overnight, the highest number recorded in any day since the pandemic began.

Sadly, Victoria’s COVID-19 death toll has grown to 44, with two men in their 90s dying after contracting coronavirus in aged care.

Today’s figure is particularly concerning because today marks two weeks since Melbourne and Mitchell Shire went into Stage 3 lockdown.

While announcing today’s figures, Premier Daniel Andrews revealed a shocking number of people have continued to go about their daily lives “at the height of their infectivity”.

Of the 3810 cases detected from July 7 to July 21, almost nine-in-10 did not isolate when they developed symptoms.

“I’m very unhappy and very sad to have to report that nearly nine-in-10 cases did not isolate between when they first felt sick and when they went to get a test,” Mr Andrews said.

More than half of people did not isolate after having a coronavirus test while they were awaiting their results.

“53 per cent of people continuing to go shopping, continuing to go to work, continuing to do all sorts of things … even though they feel sick enough to get a test,” Mr Andrews said.

The Premier warned Melbourne’s six week lockdown will be”much, much longer” if people who are showing symptoms don’t follow the Chief Health Officer’s directions.

A $1500 payment is available to people diagnosed with coronavirus who do not have access to sick leave.

Today’s case snapshot:

  • 97 cases connected to known outbreaks
  • 387 cases under investigation
  • 205 people in hospital
  • 40 in intensive care
  • 44 deaths
  • 3408 active cases (3305 in Melbourne and Mitchell Shire, 103 cases outside of this area)

July 9: 165 cases
July 10: 288 cases
July 11: 216 cases
July 12: 273 cases
July 13: 177 cases
July 14: 270 cases
July 15: 238 cases
July 16: 317 cases
July 17: 428 cases
July 18: 217 cases
July 19: 363 cases
July 20: 275 cases
July 21: 374 cases
TODAY: 484 cases