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CSI Melbourne: Victoria Police media officer Creina O’Grady’s brush with the wrong side of the law

A police staff member and 3AW Breakfast regular has become a victim of crime.

During the CSI Melbourne segment on Ross and John, Victoria Police media officer Creina O’Grady revealed her car was targeted. 

She said she returned to her car parked at a train station after finishing the overnight shift yesterday morning.

The window was smashed in, and her Mitsubishi hatchback was looking worse for wear.

‘I opened the door and I cleaned all the glass off the seat,’ she told Ross and John.

‘I had a towel so I put the towel down, and I went to put my key in the ignition and there was no steering wheel!’

But that wasn’t all they’d made off with.

It wasn’t until a staff member at the train station assisting her at the time alerted her to the fact all of the four wheels had been stolen too.

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