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Dennis Lillee opens up to Neil Mitchell about sledging, Kerry Packer and cricket on 3AW

Cricket legend Dennis Lillee says sledging will always be part of the game and it’s up to the umpires to control it.

Verbal chat on the field has been thrown into the spotlight of late following the inquest into the tragic death of Phillip Hughes.

‘It (sledging) has always been there,’ Lillee said on 3AW Mornings.

‘There are two guys in white coats there that have got to control the game ? that’s what they’re there for.

‘I can remember a few occasions being pulled up by umpires ? whether it was too many short balls or chat ? and saying that’s enough.

‘And you stopped because you knew the consequences.

‘Players will always do it.

‘As long as it’s not too personal.’

The former fast bowler joined Neil Mitchell in studio on Monday to discuss his new book.

He went on to recall one of his favourite stories involving former business tycoon Kerry Packer, which included a wet cricket ball and two unfortunate umpires.

‘He was a hard man,’ Lillee said.

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