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Docklands residents awarded multimillion-dollar compensation lawsuit after 2014 tower fire

Owners whose apartments were ruined by a massive fire at the Lacrosse Tower in Docklands five years ago have been awarded a massive compensation pay out.

As reported on the front page of the Herald Sun today, the The Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal has told builders LU Simon to pay $5.7 million to victims of the near-fatal cladding fire in 2014.

Phil Dwyer, president of the Builders Collective of Australia, told Ross and John it’s been a long time coming.

“Basically it’s the justice system doing what our regulator the BBA should have been doing a long time ago,” Phil said.

“It would mean you get a product, there’s two of them, one’s a good one, one’s a bad one, but you get a friendly surveyor to deem it fit for purpose.

“These composite panels, you could put two or three alongside and no one could pick which was the faulty one.”

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Image: The Lacrosse Tower in 2014 | MFB