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Dog bashed with a rolling pin in Ringwood burglary


A Ringwood man has chased two offenders who bashed his dog with a rolling pin from his home.

The owner of the German Shepherd discovered his beloved dog with a bloodied face on Monday last week.

He initially thought the dog had fought a cat but then saw the rolling pin.

The vet told him the dog was lucky to be alive and almost lost an eye in the attack.

Detective Acting Sergeant Paul Holland believes the same offenders remain on the run following the Labour Day attack and may be linked to two earlier burglaries on Old Lilydale Road.

‘We’d have concerns these people have tendencies to show violence, and if they show it towards dogs, they have the potential to show it towards humans and we’d like to catch them,’ he said.

The offenders are Caucasian, thought to be in their late teens to early twenties wearing white T-shirts, trucker-style hats and sunglasses.