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Emotional interview: Gina Argiro and husband Peter in the studio

Neil Mitchell choked back tears this morning as an emotional Gina Argiro detailed her cancer fight and just how grateful she was to everyone for getting her to the US for potentially lifesaving treatment.

Fighting a rare type of cancer, the Mildura mum needed $1 million to travel to the US for treatment that would give her a 50-50 chance at life.

In December she was told nothing could be done and she needed something called CAR-T therapy, which isn’t available in Australia.

But then Health Minister Greg Hunt stepped in, pushing the Argiro’s application through and getting her an appointment with the US consulate.

Gina and Peter visited the 3AW studio this morning after successfully applying for visas.

“I’m ready for it, I’m not ready to go yet,” Gina said.

“I’m going in there and I’m going to kick butt.

“People I don’t even know in the supermarket will stop me and want to give me $50, they’re total strangers.

“I’m still so choked up about it, because they did it for me.

“I’m just a person, they did it for me.”

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Peter said they are now flying to Boston at 6.30am Monday.

“It’s very surreal to think within 10 days we’ve gone from no hope at all to all the hope in the world,” Peter said.

“His office (Greg Hunt’s) has been magnificent.”

“It’s an important message and reminder about the fragility of life and hope,” Neil said.