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Emotional interview: Kate and mum Lisa in studio after successful transplant surgery

If you’re a regular Neil Mitchell listeners, you might remember a particularly emotional caller back in January.

Lisa rang Neil as soon as she received the news that her daughter was finally, after seven years, to receive the kidney/pancreas transplant she needed to live.

At the time Neil said as soon as it’s all over and things were going well, he’d have them both in the studio.

This morning, that finally happened.

“Health wise, I’ve never felt to good,” Kate said.

“I’ve been a type 1 diabetic since I was three or four, so I’ve never been well.

“To finally be well, the first few days I felt euphoric.”

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“One thing I didn’t anticipate was the mental anguish of receiving a transplant,” she said.

“Sitting there knowing that the only reason you have this transplant is because there is a family who are no longer whole.

“I constantly think of my donor family and how I can honour them everyday.”

Neil asked Kate what her final message was.

“Have the discussion and sign up as an organ donor,” she replied.

“And embrace life?” Neil said.

“Absolutely, because you’re not promised tomorrow.”