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Exclusive: Former detective tried to warn senior police about Informer 3838 ramifications



A former detective has revealed at least 10 “very senior” police figures — some still in the force — knew about the use of Informer 3838.

And he says his attempts to warn them about the impending ramifications were ignored.

Ron Iddles, one of Victoria’s most respected police figures, told Neil Mitchell he warned his superiors in 2009 that the informer’s involvement would eventually prompt a Royal Commission.

“I just couldn’t get that they didn’t understand the ramifications of deploying and employing and registering a (defence lawyer),” he said.

Mr Iddles issued his warning after he was told to interview Informer 3838 in 2009.

“When I read (case documents) it was clear if I took the statement, this was going to expose 3838 as a police informer,” he told 3AW in his only interview on the matter.

“So I contacted my superintendent who then spoken to Simon (Overland), and the message came back ‘You are directed to take the statement’

He did eventually interview Informer 3838 and write a statement — “but I never got it signed”.

Mr Iddles would not name his superintendent: “It’s not one of those names that have been put in the public.”

He said Informer 3838’s role and identity was a hot topic among top brass.

“I do know there would’ve been 10-15 very senior police who knew what was happening,” Mr Iddles told.

“So they walked past the behaviour but still accepted it.

“It was a time when the underworld killings were going on, so a blind eye was turned to some things.”

Neil Mitchell: “(Chief Commissioner) Graham Ashton effectively said yesterday; the ends justify the means.”

Mr Iddles: “But I don’t think you can do that. I think you can’t make a compromise. As soon as you start to cut a corner, then the next thing is you cut another corner, and then we end up in the position we’re in.”

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