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Five biggest firearms wholesalers spending $200k on political campaign against Daniel Andrews

Australia’s five biggest wholesalers of firearms are funding a political campaign against the Andrews Government.

Despite not mentioning guns, the “Not happy Dan” campaign is produced by the Shooting Industry Foundation of Australia, which is funded by Beretta Australia, OSA, Winchester, NIOA and Raytrade.

Laura Patterson, spokesperson with the Shooting Industry Foundation of Australia, told Neil Mitchell the campaign isn’t about “watering down gun laws” but about more regulation.

“We’re spending about $200,000,” Ms Patterson said.

“We want stronger industry to government representation like any other industry in the state of Victoria does.

“Both major parties are as bad as each other, this is a strategy that we’re trialing, to focus on the government of the day and in Victoria that just happens to be Labor.

“We want governments to invest cold hard cash in systems that will track Australian firearms from cradle to grave.”

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“Australia is not anything like the USA,” she added.

“SIFA considers themselves to be an advocate of community safety, we’ve never advocated for the watering down of gun laws.”

Neil said transparency is of the utmost importance in a campaign like this.

“We don’t want a gun culture in Australia,” Neil said.

“The majority of Australian gun owners are decent law abiding people.

“We should never ever give in to pressure to relax the gun laws in this country.”