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Five things you probably don’t know about Russel Howcroft

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There’s a lot we don’t yet know about new 3AW Breakfast co-host Russel Howcroft.

So, this week he shared five things you probably don’t yet know about him!


He bought a pie factory for his 50th birthday and Ross says the pies are “fantastic”.

Russel sold the factory earlier this year, but during his time as owner he invented a very unusual breakfast snack (which you can still buy!)

Press PLAY below for Russel’s inventive treat.


He’s the chair of the Australian Film, Television and Radio School.


Melbourne football legend Robbie Flower gave him a football as a child, and he thought he was destined for football greatness.

Press PLAY below for Russel’s treasured childhood memory.


He did drums at HSC level and was in a band called Kelvin and the Absolute Zeroes.

“We had a famous gig at Melbourne Uni!,” he said.


He went to Oktoberfest in Munich for “work”. While he was there, he was invited to conduct an Oompah band in front of thousands of people!

Press PLAY below to find out how it came about.

Russel will share five more stories, memories and facts about himself on air next week!