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‘Gertie’s Law’: Supreme Court launches podcast to explain justice system

The Supreme Court of Victoria has launched new podcast series called Gertie’s Law, to better help the public understand the court process, while telling the stories of the crims and colourful characters which have passed through its doors over the past 130 years.

Anne Ferguson, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court told Neil Mitchell the name Gertie refers to a statue out the front of the court house.

“She’s the Lady Justice statue, that stands over the front of the building in Lonsdale Street and she’s colloquially known as Gertie,” she said.

“It’s the people’s court, we’re only doing this for the community, so the better we can help people understand the work that we’re doing I think that is a good thing.

“There are times when I think parts are understood and parts aren’t.”

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“I think demystifying is a good thing,” Neil said.