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‘Good Karen’ launches #NotAllKarens campaign to reclaim the name

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Karens who are fed up with the negative connotations associated with their name have launched a campaign to reclaim the moniker.

The name has been in the spotlight in recent weeks.

A fortnight ago, Jodi Grollo was dubbed a ‘Karen’ after she said she had “done all of Brighton” when asked about restrictions on travelling for exercise.

Last week, a woman who argued with Bunnings workers who refused to let her into the store without a mask was also proclaimed a ‘Karen’.

Now, CEO of Guide Dogs Victoria, Karen Hayes, is leading the #NotAllKarens push, trying to ditch the negative stereotypes.

“What we’re trying to do is, really, a rallying cry,” she told Neil Mitchell.

“We should be being kind to each other, I don’t know why anybody would want to marginalise yet another cohort in our community.”

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