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Groundbreaking Melbourne study aims to determine if statins can also combat dementia

A Melbourne-led medical trial will examine whether cholesterol-busting drugs can also combat conditions such as dementia.

A Monash University team will work to determine whether statins also have benefits for Australians at risk of a host of conditions.

As reported in The Herald Sun, the study of ­statins, backed by federal government cash as part of a $526 million boost for medical ­research projects, is set to be one of the world’s largest.

Professor Sophia Zoungas, professor of diabetes and vascular health at Monash University told Ross and John this study will help people to make an informed decision about taking statins

“This is the sort of study that the community wants, that is independent of the pharmaceutical industry, that will give them the information so they can make the best decision for themselves about whether they take a medication or not,” Professor Zoungas said.

“We already have about 5000 people included in this project who also want to know the answers, who are volunteers, who allow us to follow their health journey.

“No one wants to take medication if they’re not sure it’s doing them good.”

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