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Hass avocado season is over so get ready for the disappointment that is Shepard avo season

Avo lovers, it’s that time of year again.

Hass season has ended so strap yourself in for the nightmare that is Shepard avocado season.

Ross admitted this morning he didn’t even know there was different types of avos!

Jim Kochi, chair of Avocado Australia and a Shepard avocado farmer told 3AW Breakfast the majority of avocados sold in Australia are of the Hass variety.

“There is a slight difference in taste,” Jim said.

“The Shepard variety stays green when it starts to ripen and it doesn’t oxidize on the surface as quickly as Hass does, it’ll stay greener for longer in a salad.

“Shepard has the advantage that it comes in that gap of when west Australian and New Zealand Hass is finished in January/February and then the Hass from north Queensland will come in April.”

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