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“He just dropped the motorcycle and started running”: Tradie comes to aid of police in dramatic arrest

A tradie has come to the aid of police who were struggling to hold down a man in an attempted arrest in Melbourne’s north west this morning.

Senior Constable Cameron Manniche from Brimbank Highway Patrol told Neil Mitchell, he and his partner were struggling to contain the motorcyclist who was wanted for a series of petrol drive offs.

“We boxed him into the service station but he dropped the bike and ran,” Snr Cons. Manniche said.

“When he took off, we were holding him on the nature strip and we were having a bit of trouble holding him down.

“This bystander yelled out if we needed a hand, he was fantastic, he came running over and gave us a hand to arrest him.

“He goes, ‘that’s a bonus of being a big fella!'”

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“The bike was actually stolen,” he said.

“Over the last month, he’s been terrorising the area, Taylor’s Lakes, St Albans, Deer Park, a lot of evades from police, he just takes off on us.

“It was a very good catch.”

Earlier Raja told Neil he witnessed the arrest unfold.

“A motorcycle has been intercepted by police,” he said.

“The bloke, he just dropped the motorcycle and started running.

“He resisted a lot.”