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Health Star Rating system under review as consumer complaints are considered

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Changes are coming to the Health Star Rating system.

As it stands, the system is a voluntary ranking from 0.5-5 stars assessing the overall nutritional values of food and vegetables.

But there’s a push to make it compulsory as part of a new review, streamlining the process which recognises healthy eating.

George Institute for Global Health lawyer Alexandra Jones said the system wasn’t as flawed as it seemed but admitted tweaks were needed to make it more beneficial.

“The government has heard a lot of complaints from consumers,” she told 3AW Drive.

“This has been a government-led program with input from industry and I’d say that’s only area where the review will look at to possibly make it more truly government-focused.

Ms Jones said salty foods were a particular focus for review.

“Most people are preoccupied with sugar but salt has the most evidence linked to it recommending that we reduce our intake.

“Salty snacks can score too high but I don’t think people should use (this system) to replace what they know is a healthy diet.”

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