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Human rights and legal experts say anti-maskers are plain wrong

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Victoria’s human rights commission has rejected claims that it’s a violation for retail staff or Victoria Police to ask you to wear a mask.

Some have filmed themselves in Bunnings, where masks are a condition of entry, and some have filmed themselves in front of police.

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But their claims that their human rights have been violated cannot be substantiated.

In fact the humans rights and legal experts say these peoples’ claims are laughable.

The Victorian Human Rights and Equal Opportunity has confirmed that in a state of emergency, the Chief Health Officer can make directions.

And top legal mind Dr Matt Collins QC said there’s no legal grounds either.

“No, there’s no human right entitling you not to wear a mask,” he told Ross and John this morning.

“You can be fined (for refusing to wear a mask), and if you refuse to give your name and address and details to enable the fine to processed, you can then be arrested.”

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