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IDEAS FACTORY: Millennials, the effects of growing up with technology, social media and instant gratification

Ideas Factory:? Are Millennials (Gen Y) the lost generation?

Typically born between 1984 and 2004, they’re the generation that’s grown up with technology, and it’s having an impact on them according to author, Simon Sinek.

Speaking to Neil Mitchell, Sinek said Millennials are the generation of instant gratification, and their addiction to technology can lead to low self-esteem.

‘They may struggle to form deep meaningful relationships, they want the problem fixed immediately….relationships, job satisfaction, career fulfilment, theres no app for that.’ he said.

And there’s a consequence to not having this instant gratification.

‘It all goes together, low self esteem, addiction to technology, leads to feelings of anxiety, depression, isolation.’

Sinek said simply empathising and offering Millennials support can go a long way.

‘Take a bet on them, take a chance, show them that we care, to help them build their confidence and learn the social skills to help them function in life.’

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