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You won’t believe where Ross and John’s interview with this TV doctor ended up

In a feat never before attempted in Australia, leading obstetrician and gynaecologist Dr Steven Tan will deliver a baby live via c-section on television on Sunday night.

Channel TV show Operation: Live will capture every moment from pre-operation preparation to the miracle moment when parents meet their baby.

A part from delivering an estimated 10,000 babies in his career, Dr Steven Tan has lived a rather dramatic life, as Ross and John found out.

He said he would not be nervous on Sunday despite being surrounded by a film crew and eyes watching all over the country.

“I’ve been doing this every day for my entire life really, if you do the same procedure over and over again you get pretty good at it,” Dr Tan said.

“I will not be focused on anything but the safety of my patient and her unborn child.

“For nine months it’s a journey I am very privileged and humbled to be a part of.

“Every baby is very special.”

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Dr Tan told Ross and John he was the victim of a terrifying carjacking in 2007, where two men dressed in police uniform tailgated him as he rushed to the hospital to deliver a baby about 2am on Sydney’s north shore.

“They hit me with a hammer on my head and abdomen, I think I had a few fractured ribs,” he said.

“They put me in the boot of my wife’s new car.

“They went around to a few ATM machines and got all my money out.

“The next thing I realised the car had stopped and it felt really really hot.

“I heard the boot popped open and I jumped out, and looked back and the whole BMW was ablaze.”

“Geez, had an interesting life have you Doc??” Ross said.

OPERATION: LIVE screens this Sunday at 9pm on Channel 7.

Image: Channel 7