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Independent turf assessor to deliver verdict on Gabba turf

Cricket Queensland wants the first 2 games of the Brisbane Lions season, and the AFLW Grand Final moved from the Gabba.

Queensland cricket officials said the turf needs time to recover following the Adele concert last week, in readiness for the 1st Test between Australia and England on November 23.

Brisbane Lions CEO, Greg Swann telling Sportsday, he is confident the issue will be resolved.

‘There’s seven wickets on the wicket block, four of them are ok, three of them are damaged, when you say damaged, they just have to relay some grass.’

‘I don’t know how they can’t grow grass between now and then, it will be resolved because the Sports Minister has put his foot down which is great.’

An independent turf assessor will inspect the ground on Friday to determine whether the AFLW Grand Final can be played at the ground.

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