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“It’s a disaster”: VARTA informs adult child of incorrect donor father’s identity

A sperm donor is fighting for a change in Victorian law that now gives children the right to know who their biological parent is.

More than 30 years ago “John” offered his services as a sperm donor, signing a contract which prohibited him from seeking the identity of any children born, and that his identity would never be disclosed.

But when laws changed in 2017, John was contacted by a person who was told he was John’s offspring.

“You’d think given the extreme delicacy of the subject that the Authority in charge of all the records would get it right” Neil Mitchell said.

“In this case they got it very, very wrong.”

John said he pushed for DNA testing, and it turned out the child wasn’t even his.

“I got the result last year and I was told after all this, I was told the result was negative,” he said.

“After all the processes they put me through.

“I think he’s (the child born of a sperm donor) just as devastated as I was.

“I don’t know why (he wanted to meet me) I never got to ask.”

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IVF specialist Professor Gab Kovacs, the doctor at the hospital where John donated in 1984, heard John’s story and called in.

He told Neil the Victorian Assisted Reproductive Treatment Authority is a “disaster”.

“I have got couples where the children got letters from VARTA saying your donor father would like to meet you, and at the age of 34 the child did not know they had a donor father,” Dr Kovacs said.

“The way it’s handled, the way the laws changed, in my opinion is a disaster.

“Have I had any interaction with VARTA? Not a word.”

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