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Jay Weatherill and Josh Frydenberg trade verbal barbs on live television


The Premier of South Australia has launched a scathing attack on the federal government on live television, all while standing next to energy minister Josh Frydenberg.

Jay Weatherill said it was ‘a disgrace’ how his state had been treated by the Turnbull Government when it came to renewable energy.

Mr Frydenberg stood awkwardly next to the South Australian leader while he delivered his spray.

‘I’ve got to say, it’s a little galling to be standing here, next to a man that’s been standing up with his Prime Minister bagging South Australia at every step of the way over the last six months,’ Mr Weatherill said.

‘It’s a disgrace the way in which your government has treated our state.

‘It’s the most anti-South Australia government we’ve seen in living memory.’

Mr Frydenberg quickly hit back at Mr Weatherill, saying the state had suffered black outs ‘on your watch.’

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