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Latest crime statistics show 11.2% rise in crime across Victoria

The latest crime figures show a 13.4 per cent surge in offences across the state for the year.

The crime rate is up 11.2 per cent, amid a wave of home invasions and carjackings.

Key figures:

  • Assault and related offences – up 11%
  • Robberies – up 14% 
  • Dangerous and negligent acts that endanger people – up 23% 
  • 52,000 burglaries and break-and-enter offences in the past year
  • 15,979 weapons and gun offences committed over the past year

Deputy Commissioner Andrew Crisp told Neil Mitchell the data shows of the 3,500 recorded aggravated burglaries, for 80 per cent of incidents there was no confrontation.

‘We peaked in that crime around February or March this year, we’ve well and truly halted that offending we’ve locked up a lot of offenders,’ he said.

He said police were working hard to bring down crime. 

‘I won’t accept it as the new norm,’ he said.

‘We can all make a difference, we can turn that around.’

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