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‘Let them leave’: Calls stop banning suspected jihadis from leaving Australia

There are calls to stop banning wannabe jihadis from going overseas, and to let them leave the country and never come back.

In almost all of the terror attacks and foiled plots in Australia since 2014, the culprits had had their passports cancelled due to fears they would fight overseas for ISIS.

“It makes sense. A lot of people have been asking this question, and it makes sense.”
-Neil Mitchell

The Federal Government says it has cancelled citizenship in some circumstances but it won’t leave people stateless.

Victims of Crime Commissioner Greg Davies backs the concept.

And at the very least, he told Neil Mitchell, they should be charged.

“If you intend, as a citizen, to assist a foreign enemy … in fighting against the ADF, by my reading of the Commonwealth legislation that amounts to treason,” he said.

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