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Life in lockdown: Why doing nothing makes you tired

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As Melburnians adjust to stricter Stage 4 lockdown restrictions, many people are reporting feeling more tired than ever despite doing less than we were doing before.

CEO and commissioner of the National Mental Health Commission, Christine Morgan, says if you’re feeling fatigued, you’re not the only one.

“We’re certainly not inventing it and I think it’s a reality for many, many of us,” she told Ross and Russel.

Ms Morgan said fatigue is more often associated with mental exhaustion than with physical exertion.

“We actually can get incredibly fatigued if we’re worried, if we’re stressed, if we’re going through challenging times, we’re feeling restricted,” she said.

“All of the things that go with lockdown can make us feel really fatigued.”

Ms Morgan shared some tips for keeping your spirits up in lockdown, and one of them prompted Ross to set a challenge for himself and Russel tomorrow.

Press PLAY below to hear the challenge Ross has set for tomorrow.

Tips for keeping your spirits up in lockdown:

  1. Reclaim your routine. Work out a new routine in lockdown.
  2. Stay really connected with other people.
  3. Look for the good things in life.
  4. Eat well
  5. Prioritise sleep