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Little 8-year-old Logan fundraising to buy local wildlife rescue service a car

Little Logan McKimmie might be just eight-years-old, but she got big ideas!

Louise called Neil Mitchell yesterday and said a little girl had knocked on her door, trying to raise money to buy the local wildlife team a car.

“I thought that was worth celebrating, at that age!” Neil said.

3AW Mornings tracked the little girl down, and Logan spoke to Neil this morning.

“I’m trying to raise money because Help for Wildlife got donated a caravan, and they’re going to turn it into a vet kind of thing,” Logan said.

“They look after injured animals and they check the mum’s pouch for babies.

“I sometimes go door knocking, and I do stalls and a gofundme.

“I sold some of my toys.”

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Logan, from Kinglake, told Neil she’s up to $3,350 of her $20,000 goal.

She said her favourite animal is an echidna and she wants to be a wildlife carer when she grows up.

You can donate to Logan’s cause here: