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Lockdown rules: Exercise and recreation restrictions have been tweaked

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Melbourne and Mitchell Shire residents who are caught exercising outside their neighbourhood face $1652 fines under tightened state government restrictions on leisure and exercise.

Under the original guidelines, Victorians in metropolitan Melbourne and Mitchell Shire were told they must “stay close to home and use common sense and consideration”.

But after a request for clarification from Victoria Police, who are fining those breaching the restrictions, the rules on exercise have been updated.

Now, those in the lockdown zone may be fined if they travel “to obtain goods or services that can be obtained closer to home” or “travel within the Restricted Area to exercise or outdoor recreation where that type of exercise can be done closer to home”.

Under the clarification, those in the lockdown zone must remain in their neighbourhood for exercise and recreation.

For example, an Essendon resident may not travel to Rye Beach to exercise, just because it’s prettier.

Likewise, a Kensington resident cannot go to the Tan for a run.

Anyone caught travelling outside of their neighbourhood to exercise faces a fine of $1652.

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