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Long queues at the ballot box as early voting explodes

The soaring popularity in early voting has seen long queues banking up at the ballot box.

3AW Drive’s Tom Elliott has learned of a a 30-minute wait to vote at 120 Collins Street on Wednesday as CBD workers flock to cast their vote before Saturday’s state election.

A whopping 807,793 people had voted at early voting centres by last night, compared to 477,715 the same time last election.

3AW reporter Denis O’Kane called Tom Elliott from the line.

“When I arrived I thought ‘Oh my God, I’m not going to wait around for this’,” he said.

“It’s moving quite quickly now.”

Denis also confirmed there was no sausage sizzle.

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In the future, I think everyone will eventually vote before election day.
It will change the way politicians announce their policies.
If someone announces something tomorrow, there’s about 900,000 people who won’t care. It’s too late. They’re already voted.