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Man taken to hospital after Boxing Day car park road rage at Highpoint

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A man has been taken to hospital after what appears to have been a spat about a parking space turned violent.

3AW Caller Marc told Justin Smith the two men were “screaming” at each other.

“There was one bloke reaching into another car taking swings, next minute he’s down on the ground with a bit of blood on him,” Marc said.

“Next thing the driver is yelling, ‘He took my spot, he’s trying to take my spot!'”

Ambulance Victoria confirmed paramedics were called to the Highpoint Homemaker Centre on Rosamond Road just before 3PM.

They say a man in his 40s was taken by ambulance to the Royal Melbourne Hospital with upper body injuries.

He is in a stable condition.

Caller Lisa said the situation was frightening.

“I actually thought it was a hold-up,” she said.

“It was really quite scary.”

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