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Man whose wife died trying to save a motorcyclist pleads with drivers to take care

John Bartley’s live changed forever last September, when his brave, selfless wife Emily was killed as she tried to assist in a road accident in Wantirna.

Nurse and mum-of-two Emily, 27, went to the aid of a man who turned out to be a criminal, Troy Swinden, who had been badly injured in a crash.

He subsequently died and Emily was hit by a different passing car, and she too died.

John sat down with Neil Mitchell today and spoke of his love and grief, and pleaded with motorists.

“Take care on the roads,” he said.

“Don’t do the wrong thing.

“Don’t speed.

“Don’t be on your phone.

“I don’t have any anger towards the motorcyclist because Emily volunteered to try and save his life.

“But if he wasn’t doing the wrong thing, she wouldn’t have been in that predicament.”

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Stuart Le Grand from Le Grand Margalit Lawyers, who has been helping John access TAC compensation said John had been an inspiration throughout the whole ordeal.